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Lowcountry Specific Chiropractic Gives Back

Lowcountry Specific Chiropractic Gives Back with Complimentary Services – Featured in The Summerville Journal Scene

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  • Posted: Tuesday, May 7, 2013 7:48 p.m.

Giving back to the community is a way one local chiropractor wants to express gratitude. Lowcountry Specific Chiropractic celebrates more than 150 patients and the community with an Annual Appreciation Day on Tuesday, May 14, 2013.

Dr. Tron Malachowsk, Director of Lowcountry Specific Chiropractic says,  “It is our way of saying thank you for teaching us as much as we teach you.”

Lowcountry Specific Chiropractic takes pride in being able to provide answers to peoples’ health concerns. Dr. Malachowski has been providing quality Specific Chiropractic care in the Summerville area for 5 years. The Annual Appreciation Day is a way to say thank you to the community in which he serves.

“We have been blessed with a tremendous gift. We want to let our community and especially our patients know we care about them. We appreciate them being a part of something special here which is why every year, Lowcountry Specific Chiropractic offers complimentary services to all existing patients and patients who might not have visited in a while,” says Dr. Malachowski.

 In addition to all care rendered for Annual Appreciation Day complimentary, prizes will be awarded, food and beverages will be served and chair massages will be conducted all day long as one big celebration.

 Dr. Malachowski has been giving back to the community since he moved here in 2008. Late in 2008, he saw a need to provide quality cutting edge education to churches and business that needed help in providing their members and employees information on health, life and fitness. In seeing that need, his signature course liveWELL was born. To date, that class has seen over 2,000 lbs of weight loss in organizations all across the state.

“Equipping people is in my DNA. I have been blessed with life saving information, which not enough people out there are teaching. That’s why it’s imperative we hit the streets letting people know there are better ways to live, you just need to learn the information to incorporate it,” says Dr. Malachowski 

For additional information about Lowcountry Specific Chiropractic, Dr. Tron Malachowski, or our community events, contact Meg Conlon at clinic@lowcountrychiro.com or 843.873.0011.

About Lowcountry Specific Chiropractic: Our office provides Specific Chiropractic care to the Southeast. We are one of about 650 Doctors in the world whom have undergone post doctorate training to focus on the upper neck area. This area of the body, when not functioning correctly, has been linked to many health conditions people have today.