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liveWELL – Healthy Living Class

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“Dr. Tron’s Healthy Living class changed my life.”

                                    – Innise Williams, Summerville SC

“I learned how to begin achieving balance in my life. Now I actually tell people, NO!”

                                    – Latitia Adams, Summerville SC

“I have been slow with losing weight but I have lost inches. …My blood work has improved too!”

                                    – Kathy Tucker, Ladson SC

Strong and thriving…Dr. Tron…once again – Thank you for the life changing knowledge that is bringing me to a better outcome in life….Thank God for you!

                                    – Yvette Jones, North Charleston SC


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Dr. Tron Malachowski brings a blend of passion, knowledge, and training that is hard to find in just one individual. His liveWELL signature class has redefined the way families take a look at their health and eating habits.

Dr. Tron works on getting to the core of people’s belief systems. And then begins to teach people from the ground up practical everyday choices they can make when it comes to diet, exercise and life. His personal training background puts the class over the top because by the time people are done with just one session, they can tell their life will change if they just hang on to what Dr. Tron has to say. As an everyday growing believer. Dr. Tron often incorporates scripture with each session relating to the temple, living water, and sowing seed on good ground.

If you want change…..this is the class for you. Call to see what classes are being taught or going to be taught in your area.

  • Training
  • Balance
  • Change
  • Dynamic
  • Weight loss
  • Challenge
  • Purpose
  • Family
  • Self


Dr. Tron Malachowski has a passion for helping people with their health issues, concerns and nutritional questions. Churches, community organizations and businesses are welcome to contact us to see if our cutting edge information will be a good fit for their needs.

We also offer back safety training courses which has been a wonderful asset for fireman, policeman, retirement communities and industrial / commerical industries. 

Contact Meg Conlon at 843-873-0011 for more information on how Dr. Tron Malachowski may be able to help transform your current situation.