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What Makes Us Different Than The Rest?

Great question. We have found ourselves answering this question often because so many have health issues and they haven’t found relief anywhere.

Our focus is unique for one thing. We focus on the very top of the spine, literally the top aspect of the spinal cord and base of the brain. This vital area of the body controls all function in the body. To illustrate how important this area of the body is, we would like to provide an example. You may have heard of Gabby Giffords, an American politician whom was shot in the brain on an assassination attempt. Thank God she lived. But she lived. Or you may have heard of Derrick Thomas, an All Star linebacker whom was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 2009. He suffered from a spinal cord injury, but still lived. Finally, you may have heard of Christopher Reeve, otherwise known as Superman. Mr. Reeve suffered from a fracture of C1 during a horse accident. This severe injury left him paralyzed from the neck down and nearly shut down all functioning in the body.

These examples provide a clear picture that one can suffer from a brain and spinal cord injury, and still live a great quality of life. But if one suffers from major trauma to the brainstem or very top of the spinal cord, its instant death. That is why we see people with much less injury to this unique area, and they suffer from all conditions known to man.

We have found that when the Specific Chiropractor focuses his time on this vital area of the body, the symptoms, disease and pain are greatly helped due to opening the transmission of this vital area between brain and body from a safe and highly effective specific chiropractic adjustment.