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Meet the Team

A Word from Dr. Tron Malachowski

IMG 0456I see it as an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to write this because you are reading this message. I was put here on Earth to serve people. If given the chance, I would be honored to help serve you, your family or whomever needs some clarity, an answer, or feedback on what they are going through. Here is the story that provided clarity for my life’s purpose:

When I was 12 years old, I suffered a traumatic back injury, leaving me helpless. I could barely walk and could hardly move without excruciating back pain. Most people don’t realize how back pain effects you. Every single; solitary move you make involves the use of back muscles. I was wearing back braces to school, taking medication, and left on the sidelines from the sports that defined my life at the time. Spitting out toothpaste was a task in itself. I was upset, I was in pain, and I was scared because I couldn’t do anything without pain interrupting my very thoughts.

My aunt worked at a chiropractor’s office 45 minutes away. My single mother drove 45 minutes one way, everyday for 3 months, taking me to the chiropractor that literally changed my life. I slowly but surely, received the care that I needed. Soon I took off my back brace. Later, I was able to return to football and baseball, the sports I lived for. At the ages of 15 and 17, I reinjured my back playing football and basketball. Since I was 17, my back has never hurt me again.

I want you to know this because it was the visit to the Chiropractor which changed the course of my life. It was that visit that left such an impression on me, that I knew I wanted to help people the way I was helped. That the power of the body has the ability to heal; and when given the proper ingredients, our bodies will flourish if given the opportunity; this fateful path led me to wanting to help people, but now it goes far beyond wanting to help people. Many of the cases we see have something in common. They often come to me as the last stop on their “return to health” conquest. They have already spent thousands of dollars on medical interventions that returned little. They have been reduced to a quality of life that most cannot even begin to comprehend. These are the people I am after. These are the people that I want to shout out to from the top of a building and yell, “There’s hope! Your capacity to heal goes far beyond what others have led you to believe!” This is the reason why I do what I do.

So for me, my WHY is for you. I do this work not to get people out of pain. I do this work because you deserve quality of life. You deserve to spend time the way YOU want with your kids and spouse. You deserve the quality of life you dream about.

I do this so families can walk around downtown Charleston and not have to sit on a bench and be a bystander. I am here to get you back in the game of life. I also do this for the kids. My daughters Sofia and Selice have been given the most wonderful gift. They both have had the luxury of having me by their side since birth. They have been given the ultimate gift of having a properly functioning nerve system since they were born. You and your kids deserve that as well. That’s why I do what I do.

In His Service,

Dr. Tron Malachowski

Meet Dr. Juwan Hill

I am truly grateful that you have allowed me to serve you and your family here at Lowcountry Specific Chiropractic. I have always felt my purpose in life is to help people enjoy what they love without being bound by illness.

At 8 years old, what started out as an exciting day on a fishing trip with my father, ended with terror. An impaired driver collided head on with our vehicle. This fatal accident changed my life forever. Physically, my leg was crushed from the knee down. The next year was spent visiting various specialist and undergoing multiple reconstructive surgeries. I could never play contact sports due to the risk of re-injury. The one positive outcome was the exposure to health care providers who sincerely cared about me returning to health. These individuals unknowingly influenced my career path thereafter. From this experience, I knew that I wanted to spend my life in health care, making a real impact on someone’s life.

Years later, I had not confirmed the career path that spoke to my calling yet. It was not until I reluctantly ended up in a Chiropractic office that I experienced the same feeling I felt as a kid. It was a moment full of sincere care from a provider. At this time, I had suffered with chronic migraines for as long as I could remember. No doctor before had given me answers and I essentially was just dealing with horrific migraines at least once a week. After examining my films, this Chiropractor informed me of damage to my spine that occurred 10-15 years prior that she believed was contributing to my symptoms. With little hope of results, I was going to give this care a shot on a trial basis. For the first time in my life, for nearly 2 months, I had no migraine episodes. The Chiropractor not only answered a question no one else ever could and helped minimize my migraines, but she also showed me the career I had been searching for.

I recognize that I have been called to support my community in breaking chains illness holds on their body. Everyone deserves the privilege of good health, to enjoy time with their loved ones, and do things that bring them joy. This liberty should come without the worry of being limited by their body. Chiropractic gave me my freedom back. Every day, I am honored to passionately carry out my purpose of helping you maintain a healthful and effective lifestyle.


Dr. Juwan Hill