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Caring for Kids

This is probably one of Dr. Tron Malachowski’s favorite topics to discuss. Not only because he loves kids, but because it is so important to have children checked for subluxations from the moment they are born.

We want to take a step back and have you just think for a second of what your own birth was like. Birth is a traumatic experience or slightly stressful experience to say the least. Children are born naturally, or with vaccums, forceps, or via c-sections, in pools, on beds, and everywhere in between. It is certainly not easy to have a child, but it is one of the most beautiful and gratifying experiences our human existence will ever be able to comprehend.

During this experience, we have a few fundamental problems. First, a woman’s birth canal is not straight, it is at an angle no matter what position she is in while giving birth. When you begin to breakdown the birthing process, when the child begins to descend through the birth canal, it has to migrate through a kink in the canal. This kink in the canal often creates a bending of the child’s head while passing through. This simple bending of the head can create a tremendous amount of torque on the child’s head especially if the mother is lying on her back. This bending of the child’s head can easily be the first time it misaligns small bones in their neck creating a lack of transmission of information from brain to body. In even more serious scenarios, children’s heads are often the focal point for physicians and caregivers as a lever to pull on. When the child’s head is pulled on, or distracted if you will, the primitive cartilage and ligaments are challenged, often creating misalignments within the neck. This is why its best to do your very best to pull from the shoulder, and not the head while assisting with removing the child from the mother.

These crucial moments at the beginning of childrens’ lives are detrimental to their health for the rest of their life. If these tiny bones are misaligned from such an early age, we often see children with the following issues but not limited to: colic, ear aches, tubes in ears, allergies, constipation, digestives disorders, breathing issues, skin issues, slow response times and crying fits

Besides birth, children constantly get into things. The things they get into from the falls, to the cleaners under the sink to having a rough upbringing, can potentially create a lack of transmission to the rest of their body. Dr. Tron simply analyzes their nerve system, checks for misalignments in their body, and performs a very safe and effective procedure that restores the transmission of information to the rest of their tiny bodies.


Both of Dr. Tron’s daughters were first adjusted only 2 hours after being born. He has had the privilege to not only watch them, but many more children grow up happier and healthier due to the fact their nerve systems were functioning optimally from such an early age.