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How Specific Chiropractic Works

Information from your brain is constantly being sent to the rest of your body. This is how your body performs necessary and voluntary actions every single moment of your life. As your reading this, your heart is beating, your lungs are inflating and deflating, your digestive system is processing food, your muscles are taut to keep you from falling over, your senses are being utilized, your blood pressure is being monitored and so on and so forth. Your brain is telling your body what to do all the time. This communication system exists through an amazing network of fibers called your nerve system. Much like our cable systems use wire to transmit information to your TVs, our bodies use our nerve systems to communicate with itself.

The problem occurs when the transmission system or nerve system is disrupted. When someone gets in a car accident damaging underground cables or takes down powerlines, our TVs go out, our appliances go out – our power goes out leaving us helpless until the transmission is restored fixing the cause of the issue. Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy were quite evident of these effects……

Our bodies function the same way. Often people suffer from multiple forms of trauma including; physical, chemical and emotional trauma. This trauma often creates misalignments within the spine, potentially creating a lack of transmission of information to the rest of the body. If this occurs for a period of time, the body will literally be starved of the necessary information it needs to function.

We help people by investigating if there is a problem with the nerve system utilizing state of the art equipment. We utilize x-ray imaging to investigate what damage may have been done, potentially creating misalignments throughout the spine. We perform orthopedic and neurological evaluations to see what other factors may potentially be affected by the misalignments within the spine. Once we have this vital information, we perform a custom made adjustment, which is extremely safe and effective with no cracking, popping or twisting. This procedure untorques the misalignment allowing for the proper transmission of communication to take place. Once this occurs, it is often only a matter of time before the body begins to restore itself. No drugs – no surgery.