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Grandmother seeks help for her sick grandchildren…

Listen to this compelling story of a desperate grandmother who sought after the contributing cause of her grandchildren’s health issues.

I would highly recommend Dr. Tron and the professional service he provides

I went to see Dr. Tron due to a severe pain in my neck. I had two discs replaced two years ago and I started to have constant pain from that area about a year after surgery. Not wanting to go back to the surgeon for more surgery I sought another alternative. My wife and I went to one of Dr. Tron’s wellness classes at our church and I inquired of him about my condition.

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Parkinson’s Disease

The tremors in my legs have decreased significantly, and best of all, I no longer have

episodes of falling or losing my balance.

Donald G., Retired Pastry Chef

Cluster Headaches

Dr. Tron has enabled me to give up my dependence on prescription medication and return to a life worth living.

Mitch J., Retired Cable Worker


It has been such a great relief to know when that time of year [spring] comes around I no longer have to worry about suffering and feeling miserable.

Erica M., Registered Nurse

Irritable Bowel / Hirschsprung’s Disease

After just one adjustment, Makaley’s swollen stomach began to dissipate and she started having daily bowel movements. Now, only four months later, Makaley has had NO more episodes, her stomach looks like a normal 7 year old stomach, and she is able to eat whatever she wants.

Sarah S., Counselor

Sleep issues / Fatigue

The care I have received has changed my life mentally, physically, and emotionally.

BJ G., Funeral Director

Hypothryroidism / Fibromyalgia

Today, I am still pain free, pursuing my dreams and working on new goals. It’s wonderful to wake up smiling, filled with peace, wanting to live, laugh, and love.

Cheryl S., Caregiver

Chronic Neck Pain

Essentially I feel like a new person now. My energy is so much stronger and my attitude and social life improved dramatically, and I think clearly at work because I am not being dragged down by that horrible continuous pain.

Larry P., Retired Air Force Pilot

Allergies / Asthma / Athletics

I wouldn’t have been able to finish in the top eight in the state in 400 hurdles for Fort Dorchester High School if it wasn’t for seeing Dr. Tron Malachowski.

Chris S., Student