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Irritable Bowel / Hirschsprung’s Disease

After just one adjustment, Makaley’s swollen stomach began to dissipate and she started having daily bowel movements. Now, only four months later, Makaley has had NO more episodes, her stomach looks like a normal 7 year old stomach, and she is able to eat whatever she wants.

Sarah S., Counselor

Sleep issues / Fatigue

The care I have received has changed my life mentally, physically, and emotionally.

BJ G., Funeral Director

Hypothryroidism / Fibromyalgia

Today, I am still pain free, pursuing my dreams and working on new goals. It’s wonderful to wake up smiling, filled with peace, wanting to live, laugh, and love.

Cheryl S., Caregiver

Chronic Neck Pain

Essentially I feel like a new person now. My energy is so much stronger and my attitude and social life improved dramatically, and I think clearly at work because I am not being dragged down by that horrible continuous pain.

Larry P., Retired Air Force Pilot

Allergies / Asthma / Athletics

I wouldn’t have been able to finish in the top eight in the state in 400 hurdles for Fort Dorchester High School if it wasn’t for seeing Dr. Tron Malachowski.

Chris S., Student

Migraine Headaches

Dr. Tron and specific chiropractic were instrumental in giving me back my quality of life. I can now function and even excel at work, and I am able to be present and involved with my children. I am grateful for the healing and my new life, and I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Tron and specific chiropractic for anyone suffering as I did.

Julie C., Registered Nurse

Severe back pain / Recommended surgery

Over the last 3 months, the pain has slowly but surely gone away. I no longer have the pain in my back. I have been able to start working out again. I no longer have the pain going down my leg, my foot is no longer numb, I have lost weight and my fitness scores are going up. I have seen a tremendous difference. I am now able to be active again with my family. My career is no longer in jeopardy and I owe that to Dr. Tron Malachowski.

David T., United States Air Force

I can now sleep through the night without waking up in tears

I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis at the age of 28. PA has been very aggressive on my joints and destroyed my skin. PA is known as the “Heartbreak” disease, which has lived up to its name for the past 10 years. I have had many interrupted nights that left me sleeping sitting up.

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